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Treating patients as individuals

We have provided Specialist Women’s Health and General Practice services within the independent sector for the last 20 years. We are based in the centre of Cornwall but have seen patients in the Duchy Hospital in Truro and Nuffield Health Plymouth.

Corona Virus Update

We are prepared to offer a face to face service for patients who can reassure us that they have a very low risk of carrying coronavirus. Preliminary counselling may be offered to minimise contact time.

This means having practiced social distancing in accordance with HM Government advice and having no contact with anyone with a positive test in the last 14 days.

  • Do not have a temperature
  • Do not have a cough
  • Do not have a loss of smell/taste


  • Have not had any of these symptoms in the last 7 days

You will be asked to use hand sanitiser on entry to the building.
You will be given a surgical mask, please use it. Dr Gray will use appropriate PPE.

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We offer time that is not often available in NHS settings, experience and an extended opportunity to discuss your concerns. The opinion provided is that of the doctor you see. We cannot arrange NHS services on your behalf and cannot expect the NHS to act on our recommendations, though this may happen…

Other sources of help and information >

There is a lot of available information to help you with your health concerns. The problem with the internet is knowing what can be trusted. There is an accreditation system – HON (Health on the Net) which you should look for. My suggestions to start from are…

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Clinical advice >

Please feel able to refer patients to us for advice. It is very helpful to have a standard primary care summary – such as might be used for visiting to cover key areas of patient history and medication. 

If your patient does not wish to book a consultation, we will not offer patient specific advice but will selectively provide generic suggestions.

Where patients self-refer, we will provide them with our advice and on occasions an opinion. We appreciate clinical responsibility and recognise that another healthcare professional and particularly the NHS is under no obligation to follow this advice. Patients are offered private prescriptions and investigations where appropriate. Onward referral will be within the independent sector.

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