About Us


  • We keep up to date in both Women’s Health and General Practice.
  • In the field of women’s health we have helped to develop national and international consensus.
  • We only offer evidence-based treatments
  • We accept that evidence is population based and everyone is different. We therefore provide patients with an evaluation of how what we know applies to their situation. We will discuss the options available to allow people to make decisions that are right for them as individuals.
  • We educate and train other healthcare professionals to follow this approach

Dr Sarah Gray

GP Specialist in Women’s Health

Sarah is an established, experienced and respected GP. She believes that health problems do not exist in isolation. She will take time to achieve an in-depth understanding of your problem. This is then considered alongside your medical, mental health and situational issues to arrive at a menu of suitable options for you to choose from. She takes a science-based approach and will offer evidence-based treatments. She has provided clinics in the independent sector for 20 years

For her, womens’ health requires the same approach but extended with an expert level of knowledge and specialist skills. There is no clear distinction. Sarah ran the only NHS specialist clinic in Devon and Cornwall for 15 years until decommissioned in 2016. She is recognised as an expert at UK and International level, writes text-book chapters and articles for healthcare professionals and offers this experience to patients from her base in Cornwall.

Dr Jane Davis

GP and Menopause Specialist

Jane is a GP, Menopause Specialist and Contraceptive health doctor. She studied medicine in Dundee and has worked in Cornwall for 20 years. Trained by Dr Sarah Gray, Jane holds the FSRH Advanced Certificate in Menopause Care and is recognised by the British Menopause Society as a specialist in her field.

The Future

We will have premises in 2021 that are currently being lovingly restored.
More information and images coming soon…


We are registered with the Information Commissioner and meet their requirements. These changed with the introduction of GDPR legislation in May 2018.

The information you provide to us will be used only for your healthcare and to enable us to contact you. It will not be divulged to anyone else including your GP without your consent.

We use a security encrypted clinical records and data management system.